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Shorten the distance between you and your
remote employees down to a tap on the phone.
Task Management – speed up the way jobs get going.
The Next Step Pro easy-to-use Task Management module enables your employees (technicians) to engage directly in receiving their job assignments – as well as specific and unique tasks for each part of the job/work order – making them prepared for any situation that comes up – anytime. Your employees will be able to implement jobs sooner, following your step-by-step guidance, while speeding up transactional workflows, communications, and task assignments.
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Your fulfillers, technicians, and employees get notified with jobs and tasks that are ready to be worked on. They can see the jobs and tasks that are in backlog, ready to be worked on, in progress, or completed, eliminating the problem of downtime and questions about what comes next.
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Once a job/task is opened, employees (technicians) are presented with all of the information and specific tasks necessary to execute that particular job. The specific and detailed steps are presented in a clear, easy-toread format that speeds up the information-gathering process.
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Jobs/tasks are checked off as they are completed , giving you full transparency, auditability, and realtime feedback to manage the job remotely. Key additional functions, such as adding pictures (and documents), assure that you have a completely automated and verified work order process.

A task and workflow management app especially designed for the way you work.

The Next Step Pro™ app is the AI-powered business task and workflow management platform that changes the way your remote employees (technicians) get their work completed – delivering automation, consistency, insights with full transparency and verification – all to deliver streamlined improvements to your small business workflows and task management challenges.
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Workflow is more than just work – it’s everything working together.

The old saying is you can’t be everywhere at once. Well, this AI-powered app strongly disagrees. Easy-to-use features provide you with real-time access for more job control – views of your remote work, automated task management for remote employees, analytics to measure results, and positive customer engagement tools.
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What does AI-powered mean? It means putting the right information in the right hands at the right time.

Built on an AI-powered platform, your Next Step Pro App gets to know your business’s unique workflow requirements and makes sure the information you want in the hands of your remote technicians is there when its supposed to be there. This will transform your business into an accurate, automated, productive, and streamlined task-completing unit. Everything from job quality to problem solving to customer care is improved because the AI power helps your technicians do better work in less time.
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AI Powered Management Platform AI Powered Management Platform
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Turn your complex process into a seamless workflow – all integrated with your Housecall Pro® field service software.

Don’t think of this as just another workflow tool. Far from it. It’s the first of its kind to be able to take the complex process you manage every day and simplify it into an easy-to-deploy App that allows tasks to be automated, monitored, viewed, verified, and communicated. All designed around your specific business needs with seamless integration with your Housecall Pro software. It provides you with an all-new view into your entire field operation with an easy-to-use web portal, creating a one-of-a kind workflow and task management solution that’s ready for you. It’s time to take your business to the Next Step Pro level!
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Housecall Pro

The Next Step Pro App:
Key features and product highlights

The Next Step Pro Templates – efficiency and accuracy are built in right from the start.

We make successful outcomes guaranteed every step of the way with job-specific, customized templates. The templates start with beautiful functionality, all designed around your specific business requirements. Nothing is left to chance down to the last detail that will ensure a job done right.

job templates

Job Templates are created for each step in your workflow process. This begins the unique Next Step Pro experience of ensuring consistent, efficient, and accountable work is done with follow-through and desired outcomes from everyone involved. Templates are easily configured and can be adjusted to any type of job, allowing you to build in all fields needed to view real-time status, costs, personnel, completed tasks, and more.

The Next Step Pro Status Board with real-time automatic updates.

Use Next Step Pro’s built-in visibility in the Status Board to quickly identify the best actions that need to be taken for any current job in the process.

job status board

The Status Board displays Jobs created in Housecall Pro and gives you a more detailed view of your operation. In this instance, it shows per region, per client, per job type, etc. of the jobs in process. You can view:

  • Backlog – received a job/task assigned to a client, but it is not ready to start.
  • Ready – jobs were either manually or automatically assigned via predetermined workflow rules. For example, when the day comes for the work order/repair etc., jobs automatically change from backlog to ready.
  • In Progress – means that someone is working on the particular job right now.
  • Done – when the job has been completed.

This kind of job status visibility brings everything together to provide a 360-degree view of work in process.

You can also use it as a launching pad for manually or automatically dispatching jobs based on your workflow rules (i.e., skill required, geographical proximity, etc.). This is a powerful tool that consolidates status views of dependent jobs and standardizes task work so you can more easily prioritize jobs. Automate, monitor, and optimize continuously to improve your business processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

It also has Next Step Pro’s AI-powered automatic update capability, which is the best way to manage your workflow process. Everything happens in real-time so all users will never be in doubt of what to do next, creating an automatic – and valuable – streamlining of collaboration, workflow, and shared knowledge.


Check out the Next Step Pro benefits

  • Shrink administrative costs – industry average savings are 20%+ of admin tasks
  • Optimize remote employees – field force time and information accuracy (2-5% savings)
  • Schedule strategically – the right resource, at the right time, with the right task – ( 2-5% savings)
  • Reduce re-work and warranty claims by – save up to 20%
  • Increased revenue (varies)

Next Step Pro helps improve accuracy, reduce cycle time, and improve your services to your customers, resulting in overall higher CSI and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and improved fulfiller accuracy and predictability – a ll resulting in increased retention and customer referrals.

The benefits with Next Step Pro work for everyone in the process.



  • The mobile App makes it easy to use, easy to follow up, and easy to send accurate, detailed step-by-step tasks and jobs.
  • Automatically verifies task/jobs (time-stamped, geo location, etc.), allowing for automated timecard report generation.
  • Automated status updates available to all stakeholders (no one has to take the extra time to request or report on the status of work).
  • Automated change notifications – reminders to stakeholders when a promised time is approaching or when a delay has occurred or a deadline has passed.
  • Easy handoffs are achieved with an automated process of approving one task and triggering the next without delays – and unnecessary and cumbersome steps. Approvals are managed by Next Step Pro in your workflow, triggering appropriate handoffs.
  • Streamlined communications.
  • Protection through verification.


  • Real-time status updates and real-time visibility on all tasks/jobs.
  • Compliance by sending alerts, reminders, and tasks to your employees (technicians).
  • Auditability with timecard verification, proof, pictures, documents, (paperless), etc.
  • Manages teams more efficiently and streamlines communications company-wide.
  • Increases throughput and/or productivity (increased consistency of output).
  • Improves quality and accuracy; increases predictability of quality.
  • Improves robustness (consistency) of your business’s workflows, processes, and services.
  • Reduces direct human labor costs and expenses.
  • Reduces cycle times.
  • Reduces training and ramp-up time.
  • Improves overall customer satisfaction.

The Next Step Pro AI-Powered Platform

Where Next Step Pro gets its management muscle. Individualized management tools for everyone doing work in the process.

AI powered management tools platform

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